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I’m Kurly, a thoughtful wife, a hands-on mom, a professional life coach and a trainer by heart. I am a Certified Transformative Coach (by Coach Masters Academy). Prior to coaching, I have more than 10 years experience helping others discover their potential, build their skills and pursue their dreams through training and mentoring.

I believe that you can step into your courage zone and leap towards your goals. I believe that you have the passion and the potential.

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“In martial arts, the biggest enemy is self. Inside you struggle because you want to prove something”  – Jet Li

Well, not just in Martial Arts, I must say. Of all the battles I’ve fought (from getting a toddler to sleep to doing your thesis half-asleep to talking through critical customer presentation), the toughest one is with myself.

I have very fond memories of childhood and adolescence. I did well in school, made good friends, played in the streets and attended proms/soirees. Then I spent more than 10 years having the best corporate career, rising up the ranks and making a name for myself.  Due to circumstances, I left the limelight and became a stay-at-home mom – a position I never thought I would find myself in.  I felt real and free, yet also very vulnerable. No fancy titles, no fat paycheck, and not a lot of people to talk to. It was a tough battle with myself – my heart knowing what I want, and my head telling me who I should be. This was when I discovered transformative coaching, initially  as a profession to pursue, but realizing later on that it is  also my own personal journey of self-discovery, transformation and intentional living.

Let’s connect and  journey together.


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My Client’s Career Shift Formula

I recently had coaching sessions with a client who was planning in advance for her career shift. She had so many options in mind already but she just can’t choose just yet because (1) She still has a full time job and has limited time to allocate in starting something...

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What does it take to wait?

It was around August last year when I finally decided to take concrete steps to fulfilling one of my long-time dreams — to write a book. I attended Kerygma Academy’s workshop on Book Writing and a few weeks after, inquired and then hired a Book Writing Coach. There...

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Go-to Person

Kurly is my go-to person for career and personal advice. She sees the bigger picture and gives her unbiased opinion.

Rachel, IT Consultant

Forever Grateful

I will be forever grateful to Kurly for all that I’ve learned from her as my former leader and mentor. She helped me see things from a different perspective, and has instilled in me certain work values and standards. She has helped me be where I am now.

Leah R, Recruitment Head

More than a one-time sale

I have always sought for Kurly’s advice, about career, finances, life, anything under the sun I could freely discuss with her. She always tells me what I need to hear more than what I want to hear. One time, I was working on my promotion in our company. I had a target sales. I tried to sell to her in a self-centered approach. To cut it short, what I got from her was far more than a one-time sale. She gave me tips and advices on how I can grow my business through offering value to people. Now, I am more confident on how to offer my products and services to people.

Steph, Entrepreneur

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