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Is it too late to shift careers?
Am I ready to go back to work?
How do I know if I must quit?
What if I fail?

How would you like to learn and immediately apply the tools, techniques and tips on how you can confidently make a decision and take action, not just for your current “career move” dilemma, but also for future ones?

Then join us on in July as together we discover and create possibilities for ourselves. (Note: Session was moved from May 18 to July)

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Beautiful You: The Image of Success

Am I good enough? Am I beautiful enough? Am I experienced enough? Am I enough? Let us be the first to tell you, that YES YOU ARE. There are so many women out there who do not feel good about themselves because of past experiences, words they were told or labels they were called. Because of this, we see ourselves less, love ourselves less and also settle for less. We are unable to see our true beauty and our real potential. We are unable to embrace and create all the opportunities and possibilities in career or life in general. If this is you, then read on. We believe you are beautiful. We believe that you have what it takes. It’s in you. Maybe it is buried under fear or pain. And we are here to help you find it. In celebration of International Women’s Month, KurlyConnects and GemStudioPH are bringing you a workshop to let your beauty shine inside and out. We bring you life coaching, self-image/branding, personal styling AND a photoshoot all in one session.

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It’s not you, it’s me

Ever felt this way about your job? Like no matter how hard you try to make things work, no matter how ‘good’ your job seems to be, it’s just not working out! There are certain skills and behaviors that are not natural to us. An introvert for example, might find it stressful to be in a role that requires her to talk to strangers every day to sell something. At the same time, some of us might hate it when people take so long talking to us and explaining their point — like they have to tell us their whole life story before they get to the bottomline. Some people prefer to be in the limelight where there’s challenge, intrigue and attention. Others might prefer to work quietly and do research.

We’re all different, I’m sure you know that. But sometimes our uniqueness is all too familiar to us, that we either we expect others to know/understand us, or we expect others to be the same as us. Or another possibility is that we are unable to explain to our boss or potential employer what exactly what our needs are.

Our strengths come from our natural style. We can perform at optimum levels and unleash our potential when we’re doing something that is natural to us. Do you agree?

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Ready, Set, Speak!

A Workshop on Presenting Confidently & Effectively

Do you get butterflies in your stomach and sweaty palms just before you stand infront of a crowd? Do you wonder why nobody is listening despite your expertise on the subject? Tired of feeling awkward whenever speaking in public? Want to keep your audience awake and engaged? Preparing for your thesis defense or your sales pitch? Whether you’re a student, a marketer or a corporate professional who wants to level up your confidence and skills in presenting, this workshop is perfect for you!

Presenting is one of the basic skills every student and professional must have to survive and thrive in this competitive world. Gone are the days where only managers, sales representatives or trainers are being asked to speak in front. Lucky you, presenting is a skill that can be learned and developed. 

This workshop does not only give you a long lecture on the dos and don’ts of presentation, but will actually give you the opportunity to speak in front of the class, get constructive feedback and guidance, and take home practical and actionable tips for your next big presentation.

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Have a goal? Need clarity? Have a dream? Get a coach. Find out more here.
Your job doesn’t have to be something you do just for money and your life doesn’t have to be all about doing what’s required or needed. Join this facebook group to get access to FREE learning modules on career – finding out what you want, looking for a job, switching careers, dealing with work stress, etc. But this is not just about getting ahead in your career, it is also about getting ahead in your life. You see, I believe that work (whether it’s a full-time job, motherhood, a business, a part time stint, or a side project) is an important part of our lives which must align with our own purpose and passion. Some of our learning modules (mostly live sessions!)  also cover tips on productivity, happiness, discovering your passion, conquering your fears & roadblocks… and many more.

This book is not your typical self-help book that will overwhelm you with stories and theories that worked for others. As a certified Life Coach, I carefully curated the content to make it close to what you experience during coaching. So it’s like going through a series of coaching conversations. That alone is great value! (Did you know that industry base rate for coaching is $50 per session?). Also, since this is very much like coaching, it means that I will talk less, and you think and talk (or write) more. This is very critical in the process of discovery. And oh, with coaching, I teach you how to fish and not give you the fish. So that means that you can use and re-use this book AS MANY TIMES as you want every time there is something you want to pursue.

Awesome, huh?

Now here’s a little warning.  It is not for those who believe in instant gratification or for those who believe that change can happen overnight. It is only for those who although having doubts and fears, are ready to look within themselves and discover something beautiful that can unlock possibilities and give them an extra push to pursue their dreams.

This eBook will help you…

  • Discover or re-discover that dream / goal
  • Determine what’s stopping you
  • Assess your readiness
  • Come up with a realistic plan to reach your dreams

Get your copy here.

This talk was first shared during the Women Empowerment Summit: Dress for Success last April 14, 2018. It’s an inspiring and interactive session about knowing oneself and discovering who we really are. Our best self enables us to be and do our best in whatever we do.

The recorded version of this session is now available online. Simply click on this link, login and enjoy.

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